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Live Offline is an exploration of the negative effects social media can have on mental health. The project is a self-initiated brief, aiming to highlight these issues and improve how we use social media.

The first part of the project is a brand identity, including a campaign and website design. The brand identity can be used across all social media platforms to promote the message. The goal is to reach a vast and varied audience and get across the message to as many people as possible. It will also be used for posters and marketing material to physically promote the brand. The website and campaign are designed to target parents, carers and teachers who want to educate their children and pupils on how to use social media better.

Alongside the brand identity, is a redesign of Instagram. This is designed to encourage teenagers to block out social media content that might make them feel anxious or uncomfortable. The design is the addition of ‘The Eye’, an open and closed shaped eye located on the main feed of Instagram. It is a simple option for blocking unwanted content and is easier to navigate than the current system.

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